What to Eat to Get a Bigger Butt: A Butt-Boosting Diet Plan

bigger butt diet

Busting your butt in the gym isn’t the only thing that you should do in order to be blessed with a bigger booty. Now, a lot of people often follow the big booty workout plan but still don’t get satisfactory results. What people often don’t put much focus on is their diet. Now, you can do all the work in the gym, do butt exercises and walk as many stairs as you want but if you aren’t taking a booty building meal plan then your dreams of getting a bigger booty may not come true.

Diet is important, just as much or infact more than working out. There are foods that positively affect your butt. There are foods that you should be bringing into your diet for that. There are actually foods to get a bigger butt. Now the question, remains, what to eat to get a bigger butt? Firstly, if you want a sensational bottom then you should be consuming foods according to your goals. If your butt is too flat, then you should be taking healthy fats which will give your body fuel in order build the muscle mass to add to your curves. If you’re aiming at toning at tightening your butt then substituting your diet with healthier alternatives is the way to go.

Now, the right foods should be taken. There’s a slight misconception that fast food should be consumed in order build up your butt. Fast food may fatten your butt but that may come at the cost of your body too. You may gain a lot of empty weight. After all, a big butt should be complimented by an in shape waistline. As we move on this butt boosting diet, we aren’t aiming to deprive you of your food. You will be consuming suffecient and tasting food and don’t worry, bust boosting foods aren’t all that expensive nor will you have to search much in order to find them as they’re easily available.

First off, let’s go through the components of a healthy diet that will effectively give you a healthy and bigger booty.

Healthy Carbs

Good carbs are crucial in this diet plan as they help in filling you up for the entire they and prevent those hunger cravings that lead you to consuming items that you shouldn’t be consuming. Switch everything white with everything brown. Don’t go for simple carbohydrates, go for complex carbohydrates. Healthy carbs like Quinoa, sweet potatoes and whole grain bread are some examples of the good carbs that you should add to your bigger booty diet in order to get a bigger butt.

You should cut down canned goods and white bread asthey fatten you up and don’t provide much of the butt building nutritional value.

Good Fats

You should never deprive yourself of fat when you’re building muscle. Now, that may seem weird to a lot of people as cutting down fats is the first thing they do when following a certain diet plan. However, it is to be noted that their are bad fats that you shouldn’t be eating, but their are good fats that you actually need. Consuming healthy fats like avocados and nuts is an effective way to build up your booty. It is to be kept in mind, that fats should be taken in moderation as good fats also contain a lot of calories.

A quickfire and convenient way of adding good fats to your diet is making a smoothie with avocado and a tablespoon of coconut oil. That will fill you up, prevent the cravings and coconut oil will also benefit your metabolism.


Proteins are essential in a butt building diet plan. They serve as a fuel for your muscles. Proteins should be consumed in a fair share when you’re looking to build up your booty. To benefit your butt growth, go for lean proteins such as skinless chicken, turkey meat, or fish. You can also go for eggs and dairy as they are perfect sources of protein to be added to your diet. Sometimes, people may not have the time or resources to consume suffecient protein through foods. In that case, you should add a good protein powder to your diet.

Now, we know the basics of getting a bigger butt. So, here’s sample diet plan that will give you some suggestions regarding what you can consume at different times of the day.

For breakfast, you can go for omelette with ricotta cheese. Also high fiber cereal along with almond milk would be a great option. You can also go for Ricotta cheese and fruit parfait. The breakfast should be approximately of 250-350 Calories.

For lunch, lentil Salad with onions, celery and orange slices is a great pick. You can also go for blackbean soup and a side serving of green salad. Another great choice for lunch would be center-cut porkchop and baked apple wedges. Your luch can vary between 350-400 calories.

For dinner, salmon and string beans with Couscous, chicken fajitas and flank steak with baked sweet potato are a few great choices. Dinner should be of approximately 350 calories in a booty building diet plan.

Now following this diet plan mixed with a good workout plan will definitely give you satisfactory results. You can add a little spark to it by going for Apex Booty Pop that may prove to be effective in your booty building quest.

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