Top 3 Ways to Dance Your Way to a Bigger Buttocks & Wider Hips

Who doesn’t wish for a bigger butt these days? Women out there keep searching for new ways as to how to get bigger hips. Women go through whole lot of hardwork in the gym and put extra focus on their diet in order get the desired butt. Women often use butt enhancement creams for the same purpose as well.

Apex Booty Pop is making the news these days as it is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the booty popping department.

But now, aside from all the squats and grasshoppers, you should know that one of the things that you can do to get a bigger butt and wider hips is, dance. Yeah, you heard it right twerking butt all over the place can be useful for you. Booty dancing and other forms or dancing can prove to be beneficial for your butt.

Dancing overall is a great exercise for your body and burns a whole lot of calories. But specific forms of dance moves effectively work in the butt and hip region as well.

The question remains, how to make your butt bigger and hips wider with dancing? Dancing is a major calorie burner and can definitely help your derriere to get in shape. There are some moves that you can try, that can even help you enhance that booty as well. What are these moves? Well, that is what we are going to study from here on. Here are the different ways to dance your way to a bigger booty and wider hips?

Belly Dance Your Way To Shapelier Hips

Whenever you see a well shaped beautiful woman with an hourglass shaped figure belly dancing, it should enough to convince you that belly dancing is indeed a great way when it comes to enhancing your curves. It’s a beautiful way to move your beautiful hips.

The dance moves are themselves a progression of shimmies, hip rolls and figure 8 movements that can be considered as low effect cardio practice which can burn upto 300 calories per hour. As the move ordinarily includes confining development to a particular piece of your body, you have more control on how you wish to shape up particular regions of your body.

As the hip movements go on, and the necessity for the butt to shake quickly in various headings, this exercise can do a lot in when it comes to conditioning a not as much as peppy butt and enhancing shapely hips. Pair those dance movements with those hip separations and glute crushes, and it can without much of a stretch stand toe to toe with a hard workout in the gym.

Belly dancing can strengthen your hips, quadriceps, glutes and even the back muscles. It makes your butt stick out more by improving your posture. It also shriks your waistline that will give you the desired hourglass shape and your butt would look a lot bigger and your hips would look a lot more define.

Belly dancing is safe for all from kids to elders. The movements aren’t as fierce to put much strain on a specific body part. The movement are low impact. Belly dancing is a relaxing exercise.

Twerk Your Way To Stronger Glutes

Twerking has caught onto a lot of pop culture buzz over the years. It is a modern version of the Mapouka dance also known as dance of the behind that originated in Africa. Twerking is a great way to improve the shape of your booty.

The wide stance and pulsing motions of tweking butt is almost as beneficial as a set of squats and pelvir tilts.

This dance requires a whole lot of motions with your butt, and that is how twerking helps in shaping of your butt, legs, back and the glutes as well.

If you want the best results through Twerking then always Twerk from a squatting position, to make sure that the hip area is the part of your body that moves the most in the process. You can also try Twerking your hands on your knees and wrists facing out. This will make your Twerk more effective as your gluteal muscles will have to work even more harder.

Reports have suggested that Twerking burns almost as much calories as an hour of moderate jogging does. Another benefit is that the fast movements cause your heart to race, this improves your metabolism.
Regular and continuous Twerking will benefit your butt in some major ways. It will add tone and definition to your butt. Do try this way out.

Bollywood Booty Dancing Your Way To A Bigger Butt

As Bollywood revived in the pop culture, people are getting more and more interested about Indian culture. On your way to bigger butt and wider hips, you can consider Bollywood booty dancing.

Bollywood booty dancing is a fun and effective way to shape up your derriere.

It is a 45 minute long program which is split into 4 chunks that are 6-12 minutes long. Customize your workout according to your spare time. In this, you will be doing a lot of back-kicks, lunges and squats.

There are also flourishing hand movements in this, they make it a lot more fun than a gym session. Bollywood booty dancing is suitable for all fitness levels. It is like a mixture of Indian hand movements and aerobics. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

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