How Much Do Butt Implants Cost? And What You Should Know!

How Much Do Butt Implants Cost

Gone are the days when people did not worry much about their looks and their physical appearance. All they cared about was how well they behave, how all they wanted to do was to enjoy the company of their friends and nothing more. Physical appearances did not really matter. But that is not the case anymore. Now is when you care more about your physical appearances, how big your body parts are, be it be breasts, muscles, butts etc. Nowadays, people usually follow the trend, no matter what the new trend is, people will blindly follow it. People want to be accepted in the society so they do stuff which they might think will get them accepted in the society. They do not want to be left out.

This is the era where bigger butts are in trend, along with other things. Here, people do their heavy workout to have a perfectly shaped butt. They keep their diet clean, they are conscious about their health and diet. There are people who follow a proper diet plan for big butts, they do anything and everything it takes to have bigger butts. While some of these people might wait for a while to get a proper shape, but some, basically most, of them are too impatient and do not have enough time to focus on both, their day to day work and also on getting big butts. So, therefore, some of them also use butt enhancement creams which includes Apex Booty Pop. Some of them, therefore, opt for butt implants.

Now, it is not as easy as it sounds, there is a high cost which revolves around it. Now the real question is how much do these butt implants cost. People wonder how much do butt implants cost or how much does a butt implants surgery cost. If you have finally decided about growing a bigger butt, you should consider your options because you could use butt enhancement creams which take time or you could get butt implants for which you need to be financially strong because the answer to the question ‘how much do butt implants cost’ is too much.

Options Available

Now, you should know your options before taking a step because there are two options available to you, Fat Transfer and Butt Implants. The major difference between the two is that in butt implants, some semi-solid silicon is injected into your body, which is similar to the one used for breast implantation while in fat transfer, your own body fat is transferred to the body part where you want it. If you want bigger boobs, fat is transferred to the boobs, if you want bigger butts, fat is transferred to the butts.

Another difference between them is the cost of surgery. While butt implants cost more but the butts won’t flatten over time which is pretty much likely in fat transfer. The effect of this lasts for lifetime. Fat transfer is cheaper and you get liposuction and enhancement in one surgery but then again, there involves a risk of your butt flattening over time. Generally, fat transfer costs 35-45 percent less than the butt implants and they range from 3000$-5000$.

How Much Do Butt Implants Cost?

Now, here is the real answer to what one must be thinking, the question which buzzes him, how much do these butt implants cost. Now, butt implants are like a surgery, where there is a heavy process involved. This includes:

  • Anesthetist Fees
  • Consultation Fees
  • Post-Surgery Medications Fees
  • Hospital Fees
  • Miscellaneous Fees

Aside from these fees, there are other things too including the credentials of the doctor for the surgery because each doctor charges different for the same thing because of their goodwill over the years. You are ought to be charged more if you are getting your surgery done in a known facility with specialist doctor rather than the one who is not a specialist. Scarring in your butt region also makes this process difficult for the doctor, therefore there also is an increased cost of butt implants. There are additional costs for anesthesiologist if you ask for a board affiliated anesthesiologist rather than nurse anesthesiologist. Also, there are different costs for the same process in different parts of the world.

Butt Implants Cost Around the World!

In the United States, the average package of butt implants might cost over eight thousand dollars including the cost of procedure, anesthetic fee, consultation fee, post surgery medications, stay in costs, etc. These cover all the costs and go well over $8000.

However, people often go to other countries to get their butt implants done because of the fact that other countries are cheaper and are almost at par with the doctors of the United States. These countries include Asian countries, South American countries, and Eastern European countries.

For example, in countries like Brazil, the same butt implants can cost as low a $4300 and it includes all the miscellaneous costs, anesthetic costs, actual procedure, 5 to 7 star accommodation etc.

In some Asian countries, same packages go higher. In India, it could be as low as $5000 for the entire package and the cost of implants in Philippines cost an individual about $5400 and above. You should also consider the cost of travelling if you are going to a foreign land to get your surgery done. You should always have a 100% knowledge of the doctor, country and everything involved in order to get the best of your procedure because while there are doctors who can perform surgeries but there is always a doubt whether he or she is an expert or not.

What You Should Know!

There are things which one should always know before getting such surgeries done. These include the country where you’re getting your surgery done, is it safe? What are the rules and regulations in that country during a botched surgery? Because in the US, there are pretty strict rules for the doctors and they are held accountable if things go wrong, which is a plus point for getting it done in the US. In other countries, there might not be such strict rules. Therefore, one should do proper research before deciding where he is going to get his surgery done and how is he going to get it done.

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How Much Do Butt Implants Cost
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