Injecting Hydrogel Injections to Get A Bigger Booty: Everything You Need to Know

In today’s date big butts are in trend. Women desire a huge and well shaped backside. There are some who are blessed with a big booty but then again others aren’t. Now, women do everything including following a proper workout plan, diet plan and resorting certain creams and serums. But not everyone is patient and hardworking enough to go through the whole process. If they are really in need for a big butt, women often go for surgery. But surgery is a long process and leaves the cuts behind after you’re done with it. To avoid that, and get a big butt without much of a struggle women go for hydrogel buttock injections in order to get a bigger booty.

These injections have gained large amount of popularity due to the procedure of blessing you with big butt at your convenience. However, it comes with a cost. Hydrogel butt injections have drawn huge crticism for all the side effects that they bear, even deaths of some women have been reported due to hydrogel injections. Buying buttocks injections is illegal in US but that doesn’t stop people in desperate need to buy them as the black market is always there. So, let’s study about these hydrogel injections. We’re going to give you details regarding what these buttocks injections really are and are they really worth it.

What Are Hydrogel Butt Injections?

Hydrogel injections are a less painful way of getting a bigger butt and that comes at a lower cost as compared surgery. The process is short unlike surgery and doesn’t leave any cuts or marks after you’re done with it. The process includes to inject your buttocks with a solution of 97.5% water and polyacrylamide. Only a minimal amount of inscision is made on order to insert a cannula which has the potential  to make the fat hygrogen reach faster to the intended area. When the hygrogel is injected in your butt, it serves as a filler for your butt like silicone in butt implants. You should also keep in mind that this process isn’t perfect, sometimes you may have to take multiple injections in order to get the desired shape for your buttocks.

The reason for the rise in popularity of hydrogel injections is the fact that the recovery time is less. The swelling is minimal, even the worst case scenario doesn’t last for more than 2 days. The results are noticeable within 2 weeks and due to that despite of all the bad mouthing people still go for these butt injections.

Are Hydrogel Butt Injections Worth It?

Even though these injection don’t bother you with any scars and give you almost immediate results, we are not on board with them as they come with huge drawbacks. Given the fact that these injections are illegal is not just due to the process. The product that is injected is still under review of FDA as the manufacturing process in unregulated and there aren’t suffecient stability tests on the products that ensure the safety.

Preliminary research has also shown that while polyarcylmide js relatively safe, the injections may also contain neutroxin acrylamide. The product may say that it doesn’t contain yet there are studies that show that polyacrylamide in hydrogel butt injections may later de-polymerize and turn into something that may poison your body. Just for a bigger butt, it isn’t a risk worth taking as nothing is more important than your life.

FDA warns against self administering the hydrogel buttocks injections. As you look through the black market you may find certain hydrogel kits that would encourage you to inject your butt on a regular basis. The careless usage of these potentially toxic products can even lead to many deaths and that is why FDA is doing a crackdown on this.

After all that we’ve explained to you about the consequences about these toxic injections that are illegal in the United States does not stop you from buying. Then here are more reasons as to why you should not be getting them.

These injections are pretty expensive. A single shot of hydrogel injection costs $300-$500, and given that sometimes an individual may have to take multiple injections in order to get the desired results does not help the fact. And the fact that these injections aren’t permanent as their enhancing effects last for 18 months at most justify it even further as to why you shouldn’t be buying them at such a huge amount.

A difficulty factor also knocks you regarding these injections as they are totally illegal outside the United States, you will have to go to non trusted sellers in third world countries. That may lead in getting questionable quality. As the medical laws are laxer outside US, thus it will be hard finding someone accountable if the procedure consists of any botches.

So What Are My Options?

The Brazillian butt lift is the only fat injection method that is safe to perform in the United States. The process involves harvesting fat from a different part of your body and then reallocating it into your butt. As it will be your own fat being injected into your butt, it is fair enough to say that process is indeed safe.

They have to do a liposuction treatment on you before injecting your body fat thus making the procedure a little more invasive. But the losses don’t match all the pros that this process bears. You won’t suffer from any adverse effects from it, because after all it is your own fat.

You can always return to the natural ways as well. Following a kick ass workout plan and a well planned diet can also be enough to give you desired results without having to resort yourself to injections and surgeries. To add onto that you can also use effective butt creams like Apex Booty Pop that can help you in the process as well.

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